Wine road of Herzegovina


Wine road of Herzegovina offers you a glimpse of hundred year old tradition of winemakers, huge vineyards and old wine cellars with barrels of the best red and white wine in the country. When talking about the history of winegrowing in BiH, it is important to mention that its borders used to encompass a much broader area than today. Namely, the Medieval Bosnia was once, without the later adjoined southern part (Hum), a distinguished winegrowing and wine producing region. Almost every aristocratic family had their own vineyards throughout the Middle Ages. This is clearly evident from the first detailed cadastral records dating back to the 15th and 16th century. Wine business in Herzegovina has had its ups and downs, but it has never stopped being the main agricultural branch, and one could say, a lifestyle of the local people. Herzegovinian winemakers aspire to be recognized for their Zilavka and Blatina as unique grape varieties in the world of wine and to present themselves through wine that captures the flavor of the soil and the fervency of the Herzegovinian sun.

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