Jeep safari National Park Sutjeska

National Park Sutjeska is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is famous for the so-called ”battle of Sutjeska” which occurred during the second world war, in 1943, when the partisans led by Josip Broz Tito won the German military forces. The Battle of Sutjeska memorial monument in the Valley of Heroes pays tribute to fallen soldiers. There is also the last primeval forest in Europe Perućica and waterfall Skakavac 98m high, located in a landscape of exceptional beauty. Maglić, the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2.386m) is also located in Sutjeska as well as mountains Zelengora, Volujak and Bioč, which represent a real challenge for hikers and nature lovers.


  • Transfer to the National Park Sutjeska
  • Jeep safari -150 km drive
  • Breakfast in nature
  • Primeval forest Perućica with waterfall Skakavac
  • Viewpoint Prijevor – Maglić, the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Climbing and tour of Maglić
  • Trnovačko lake
  • Lunch – lunch pack
  • Swimming in Tjentište, the largest outdoor swimming pool in Europe (16 000m²)
  • Visit of a monument of fallen soldiers from World War 2

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