Počitelj, Blagaj, Mostar

The historical town of Počitelj, built under the fortress, has an oriental style, and as such is completely in the function of tourism and cultural events. Počitelj is located on the high cliffs above the Neretva, dominated by medieval defensive fortifications beneath which nestles placid settlement.

Blagaj is a place that attracts attention with symbiosis of nature and culture, which is visible from the first moment. The freshness of the river Buna, Blagaj Tekke and the spring of Buna make this place special.

Mostar is a city situated on the coast of the river Neretva, known for the Old Bridge, which was listed as UNESCO world heritage site. A one day tour is enough to visit most of the tourist attractions, like the mentioned Old Bridge, mosques, Turkish house or just to enjoy traditional Herzegovinian meals along the river Neretva.

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